"Life can be compared to a piece of embroidered material of which everyone in the first half of his time comes to see the top side, but in the second half, the reverse side. The latter is not so beautiful, but is more instructive because it enables one to see how the threads are connected together"


My works look to reveal the inner layers of the human soul and spirit. They are meant to function like capsules that capture the intensity and rhythm of an emotional and subjective experience.

 In my paintings, diverse methods are used on the same space, to create a concentrated and highly expressive image. Using seductive and bright colors, I look to combine a childlike aesthetic with an ancient touch. The resulting work is multilayered, open to interpretation and contains an internal conflict regarding the medium of painting itself. This conflict enables a rich and multiplex observing experience that is ambiguous in its nature.

I am interested in the intricacy of the personal with the maternal as it specifically manifests within the modern family unit. My works are created using various gestures such as painting, covering, exposing and stitching. In part of the works, I use elements and materials that are borrowed from the textile and fashion realm, while in others, I use paper and Origami. Whether 3 dimensional, or linear, painted or embroidered, my work looks to juxtapose various techniques, all of which are meant to symbolize the complexity of the human experience.