Dalit Shahar

Born in Israel

Lives and works in Karkur, Israel

Member of ‘IMPACT’ – ‘The Professional Visual Artists Association’, Israel



Conducting art workshops for students

Art studies at the ‘Beit-Berl Academic College, Israeli

School of Art’, focusing on plastic arts

Drawing studies at ‘Eliaz’s Nude Models and Figure    Drawing Workshop’

Drawing Studies with the Israeli painter, Mosh Pinchasi


Related Professional Experience

B.A. in Fashion Design

Fashion Design studies at ‘Shenkar – the Academic College of Engineering and Design’ ,Ramat Gan, Israel

Certificates of merit 1989, 1990, and 1991

Senior lecturer at the Faculty of Fashion Design at ‘Shenkar Academic College of Engineering and Design’, Ramat Gan, Israel

Designing for  leading brands in the fashion industry and as self-independent brand

Provides boutique studio services for interior design



 ‘SAGA’ award winner for 1992 followed by internship at ‘The SAGA International

Design Center’, Copenhagen, Denmark



 Prac-tic-alseries of work

‘Critical Studies in Fashion and  Beauty’, Volume 1 Number 1, 2010   intellect journals   Ltd, UK



2022 – “Primitive | Naive | Native”, Gallery Primitive & Design, Tel-Aviv
Curator: Ronen Levin

2019 – Artbox project Zurich 1.0, SWISS ART EXPO. Zurich, Switzerland

2016 – “Dalit Shahar, works” – Kastiel gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2011 – “Under the belt” – group exhibition at the Hankin gallery, Holon, Israel,
Curator: Ruth Baler-Lubin,

2011 – “Mass Pro One” – group exhibition at the Beit Meirov Art Gallery, Holon, Israel.
Curator: Yamit Newman

2011 – “Under the belt” – group exhibition at the Givatayim municipal gallery Israel,
Curator: Ruth Baler-Lubin, Gallery curator: Doron Polak

2010 – “Under the belt” – group exhibition at the “Memoire de L’Avenire” Gallery, Paris, France.
Curator: Ruth Baler-Lubin

2009 – “Seam”- group exhibition at the ‘Seamgallery’, Israel,
Curator: Miriam Brook-Cohen

2008 – “Desire” – group exhibition at The Central Gallery of Ein-Hod, Israel,
Curator: Nomi Hoss

2008 – “Open Ties” – group exhibition at the ‘Seamgallery’, Israel,
Curator: Sima Sela

2008 – “Identity Card” – group exhibition at The Central Gallery of Ein-Hod, Israel,
Curator: Nomi Hoss

2007 – “Bubble*Gum” – group exhibition at ‘Bayit Banamal’, Tel Aviv Port, Israel, Curator: Orit Freilieh



Various private collections in Israel and United States. 

At the official residence of Israel’s millitary in Washington


Artist’s Statement

My art is an exploration of texture, form, and emotion, blending traditional techniques with contemporary expressions. Through mixed media, textiles, and intricate compositions, I strive to capture the essence of human connections and the silent conversations between figures. My work often reflects deep introspection into themes of identity, relationships, and the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability. I focus on the complex dynamics of couplehood, the profound journey of motherhood, and the evolving tapestry of family life.

My inspirations stem from primitive and childlike worlds, adding an extra layer of authenticity and simplicity to my creations. I work in series, each characterized by unique attributes. I use various techniques, including painting, drawing, collage, embroidery, and printmaking, with materials such as acrylics, charcoal, ink, oil pastels, and soft pastels. Additionally, I incorporate techniques like origami folds, thread embroidery, knots, and buttons, adding depth and interest to my pieces. Each work is a narrative, inviting the viewer to pause, reflect, and connect with the quiet complexities of the human experience.