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“Life can be compared to a piece of embroidered material of which everyone in the first half of his time comes to see the top side, but in the second half, the reverse side. The latter is not so beautiful, but is more instructive because it enables one to see how the threads are connected together”

Arthur Schopenhauer


 About my work 

Out of interest in the inner layers of the human’s soul, I felt an urge to search and inquire in
order to capture this complexity and express it figuratively in the art field. In diverse methods and varied series, I find myself searching the methods of expression that suit me, that enable me to convey the intensity of the emotional experience I’m interested in. In part of the paintings, I use diverse methods in the same artistic space to create a very intensive, concentrated and highly expressive painting. At the same time, in the same graphic space, I utilize multifarious and pleasant colorfulness, using childlike measures combined with primitive touches. The outcome is multilayered and multi optional, and contains an internal conflict regarding the painting medium itself. This conflict enables a rich and multiplex observing experience that creates duality in the observation vis-a-vis the excitement and its internalization. Most of the pictures are created via a technique of painting, covering, exposing and painting again in a way that raises important issues regarding theme and background, interior and exterior, before and after, as well as existential questions such as: What is more essential? What is more dominant? Who or what sets the rules, and who determines the occurrence and its intensity. All my work deals with contents and conflicts in all sorts of techniques, In part of the work, I use elements and materials that are borrowed from the textile and fashion realm, while in others, I use paper in an origami technique. Whether 3 dimensional, or linear, painted or embroidered, my work consists of one or more techniques all of which probe the complexity of personal existence. My art is about the intricacy of the personal, internal, feminine and maternal existence within a family unit and deals with our personal choices in current time rhythms.